Prairie Horizons Studio for the Creative Arts, is the dream of Tana A. Churan- Davis who believes firmly in the importance of nuturing creativity throughout a person’s life. As Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” More precisely, Tana believes that creative thinking is the route to all new knowledge. There can be no new discoveries, scientifically, intelectually, spirituatlly or artistically without first nuturing the creative side of the human brain. Creativity is sought after in all lines of work and industry but it is rarely offered in public schools, although it is essential to brain developement and intellect.

Tana Davis origionally started thinking of opening her own studio shortly after working at a small private school of art while attending Judson University in Elgin IL where she completed her BA in General Art. Later she would also complete her MA in Elementary Education. However it would be nearly 20 years before she would have the opportunity to make her dream a reality.  In that time she worked as an illustrator, substitute teacher, text examiner, music director and art instructor. She has been married to MSG (R) Tommy L. Davis for 15 years. MSG (R) Tommy Davis recently retired out of Ft. Riley and who is the co-owner of Prairie Horizons. Together Tana and Tommy have one son, Anton Davis who will be attending Chapman Elementary this year. Tana still enjoys substitute teaching when not busy running the studio and taking care of her family.

Prairie Horizons is a multifacited family friendly facility that is designed to be a place where students of all ages can come to learn an art, a craft or a musical skill. Additionally there is a the possibility of being able to facilitate dance, creative writing and even drama clinics as instructors become available. Open mic nights are a proposed future activity to allow local musicians and vocalists the opportunity to display their talents. A gallery space is available for monthly art exhibits which have already begun as of April 22 of 2017 with Prairie Horizon’s “Storm Season” exhibit. The exhibit focusses on a stormy weather theme and features many local Kansas and Midwest artists. Please stay tuned for a new page devoted to our exhibiting artists.

Prairie Horizons also hosts painting parties for adults and youth that can facilitate birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, as well as group and business activities. Please see our contact page to find out our current rates for single and group activities as well as party packages that include professional face painting and gourmet cupcakes.

For students who cannot afford tuition to classes Prairie Horizons offers coffee, tea and beverages to its customers on a donation basis. All proceeds go towards scholorships. Other fund raising activities are being planned throughout the year.


Prairie Horizons Srudio for the Creative Arts is located at the corner of North Marshall St and Old Rt. 40. Formerly the building has been the home of many other businesses since its birth in 1905. Origionally, the building was constructed as a bank and is similiar in character and architecture to many other old banks in the Kansas area. Inside there are remnants of the origional vault which has since been converted into an office space. Before the building was purchased by the Davis family who currently own the building and the Prairie Horizons Studio business it was the home of Fanslers Family Music for many years. Before that it was a salon and day spa, an Irish Gift shop, a barbers shop, a restaurant and a music store. It is a historic and beautiful space that has been very well cared for and preserved by each of its former tenants. The Davis’s are honored and excited to be a part of the building’s heritage.

Chapman itself is a town with a interesting history and future. Proud of it’s Irish heritage Chapman celebrates its roots throughout the year with various events and festivals. Please visit the City’s website as http://www.cityofchapman.org for more information or if you are in the area stop by Chapmans Historical society, CAPS located in the downtown area not far from Prairie Horizon’s Studio. Chapman also boasts excellent schools in the area which were recently rebuilt after Chapman suffered the loss of some of its most historical buildings during the tornado of 2008. Chapman is ideally located between Junction City and Abilene and an either 10 to 15 minute drive from either.