Summer Classes Coming Soon!

Here is a short list of some of the summer classes and activities that we will be hosting at Prairie Horizons Studio. This is not a complete list but should give everyone an idea of what is coming. Also please be ready to start registering for class at the end of this month. We will be hosting our summer registration during the week of the 22nd. Feel free to stop in from 1 to 7pm to sign up for our classes and clubs. Also please comment on what classes you would be interested in and what times work best for you. We will do ouur best to accomodate all schedules. Most classes will last from 6 to 8 weeks.

Our first group of classes will be aimed at teaching students of all ages how to mix and use color in art. Did you know that almost every color in our world comes from the mixture of 5 basic pigments? Thats right Red, Yellow, Blue, White and sometimes Black. I say sometimes black because in truth even black can come from mixing all the primary colors together in the right quantity. I consider the understanding of color theory to be primary to the developement of the artist and a essential part of developing and growing creativity in students of all ages. Therefore I am beginning our first series of classes with the exploration of color.

“Little Bits Art” ages 3-5  This is a class for the youngest artists. Each class will last just a half an hour and consist of one project that little hands can really get into. We will explore a little bit of fun color theory, a little bit of sculpture and a little bit of pastels and paints. Please be sure that students have appropriate play clothes. All materials used will be kid friendly and safe. Day and time as well as cost for classes and material fees TBA…

“Budding Artists” ages 5-8 This will be a 45 min class for students with a little more skill and hand-eye coordination . As in the Little Bits class we will explore a variety of artistic media but at a higher skill level. Projects will consist of painting with water colors and kid safe acrylics or tempera paints. We will also do some paper mache and work with air dry clays as well as explore with pastels, colored pencils and chalk. Day and time as well as cost for classes and material fees TBA…

“Paints to Pastels” Ages 8-13 In this class we will explore the use of color in art and the different types of media that artists use to convey color in art. There will be an emphasis on how to mix color and combine color in a variety of media including acrylic paints, water color paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, and chalk.

“Color Theory for Teens and Adults” Ages 13 to 103 Here we will explore colors and color theory and how various artists and art movements have deployed the use of color in their paintings to evoke emotion, and content. Advanced color mixing techniques will be explored using acrylic and other wet media. Students will be encouraged to create art using colors in a significant and meaningful way and to explore how artists past and present have used color to define their art and its meaning.


Our second group of classes will focus on the skill of drawing what you see. The ability to depict the world around you with pencil and paper is an important tool in art. It can be a art form in and of itself and a way to convey your ideas of other art that you wish to create. 

Elementary Drawing ages 8-13 I do not offer drawing classes before age 8 because drawing requires focus and the ability to concentrate which many children before the age of 8 are not ready for. This is a class for the serious young artist that can focus for at least an hour upon a project. We will learn drawing exercises to help us draw what we see at the beginning of each class and then move on to projects that will help us learn to shade, create texture and utilize patterns in art.

Intro to Drawing for teens and adults 13 – adult This class is a introductory class for teens and adults. I will begin with the same princibles as I teach in my Elementary Drawing class but the projects will require greater effort and concentration. Classes will begin and finish with a self portrait and will focus upon learning to use the right side of the brain. We will also begin to explore perspective and how to create a realistic sense of space.

This class is a pre-requisite for classes in drawing people, and advanced drawing. If a student can prove proficiency in drawing techniques then they may opt out of Intro to drawing but it is suggested as a good refresher class even for experienced artists.


Other possible art related classes for later in the summer or early fall:

Face painting and special effects workshops

Advanced Drawing, Watercolor, Landscape Painting, Illustration, Design Basics, Sculpture, Dry color media (colored pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels)

Decorative and Toll Painting Classes

And MANY more!


Clubs and activities we hope to sponsor!

Master builders (Lego style block building club) – Not every child loves to draw or paint, but all children have the desire to create. Some express this desire through building with blocks! If you are a Master Builder and want the chance to show off your skill then we would like to offer to host a club just for you where you can bring in your latest lego type block creations to show off or to swap blocks that you need for a specific project then we want to provide you with a place to do just that. For $10 a month for club fees you can come and use our historic building for your lego building needs. Club meeting times TBA. Parents welcomed and encouraged to participate with kids.

Model Builders Club- If you love to put together models of plains, or cars or whatever but have trouble finding the time to do so or are struggling with a particularly difficult part or are looking for tips on how to render details on models then this is the club for you. Model building technicians will be available to assist you in putting together your models and creating realistic painted effects on your models. Club fees will be $20 per month and will include paid technicians and use of on site brushes and paints as well as support and advice of fellow members.


These are just a few of the classes and clubs that we will soon be offering! Please stay tuned to see what else we come up with AND let us know of classes that you are most interested either posted or not yet posted. 























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